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Nichola and Robert, St Michaels and Quay Restaurant

Posted on 11 October 2015

Sydney turned on a beautiful spring day, full of sunshine and clear blue sky, for Nichola and Robert.

Nichola looked stunning in her beautiful Vera Wang gown.

Video production was provided by Soda Films, photography by Blumenthal Photography, and invitations from The Distillery.

Robert and Nicola's wedding service was held at St Michael's in Vaucluse, Sydney with its amazing Sydney harbour views.

Their Quay Restaurant reception overlooks the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney harbour bridge. A spectacular venue with with some of Sydney's best views.

Quay Restaurant's chef, Peter Gilmore, has a worldwide reputation for his amazing food while Quay's staff and service are second to none.

As for the flowers by Susan, Nichola said, "Susan nailed it. I'm so happy."

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